Foot Care Nursing in Truro and New Glasgow

Foot Care Nursing Services

Some people have issues that can be treated in one session like a painful corn and others require ongoing nail and skin care. Living with foot pain is no fun and proper foot care can help. Either way, foot care nursing keeps you on your toes!


Our treatment includes:

  • A wash with a medical foot cleanser

  • Assessment of nails, skin, and sensation for any calluses, corns, dry skin or open areas.

  • Nail care including trimming and treatment for ingrown nails.

  • Removal of corns if needed and reduce any callused areas.

  • Moisturizing and relaxing foot massage.

  • Education with the client and family of any at home care that would be of benefit.


Your Foot Care nurse is covered by most extended medical insurance companies.


If you are experiencing any common or uncommon foot problems, call today to set up your appointment. We serve clients from all over Northern Nova Scotia, including New Glasgow, Antigonish, Pictou, Truro, Amherst and as far away as Cape Breton.

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Preferred Location:


533 Prince Street

Truro, Nova Scotia

B2N 1E8

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452 East River Rd,

New Glasgow, Nova Scotia

B2H 3R2

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