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452 East River Rd,

New Glasgow, NS B2H 3R2

(902) 755-9675


533 Prince Street

Truro, NS B2N 1E8


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Full Time Job Opportunity



We don’t sell shoes – we provide options for comfort in both our podiatry clinics and shoe stores.


HealthWalks is a unique clinic providing podiatry services, custom orthotics, and a full-

service shoe store specializing in wide footwear. We provide specialty foot services for

the community and stock more than 25 top brands including the largest selection of

Birkenstocks in Nova Scotia! We have become known for our specialized training and our

personal approach.


Our expansion to open a new clinic in Truro requires the addition of a new staff person to cover

both locations involving themselves in all areas of the business. This individual will become Team

Lead and be the face of the company in the community at events.


The starting wage is $13.00 per hour, Monday to Friday, 9-5 with potential to cover the shoe store

in Truro on Saturdays. This is for the 6 month probationary period so we can determine the value

you bring to the company. We are offering a unique job with an opportunity to

have fun, shine in the customer service world with a mix of administration duties and

specialized education based retail and marketing.


As Team Lead, you will be entrusted to provide exemplary customer service

both during podiatry clinic days and in our store, pursue and execute sales, maintain and

enhance our social media presence and provide administrative support when needed.

Our ideal candidate presents with confidence as both professional and charismatic and

thrives under minimal supervision.


Our Vision: 

to provide people the choice of dancing out of our facility after receiving the very best education and health options related to their feet and legs. We want to work with engaged people who have challenges with foot and leg comfort to allow them to remain in rural Nova Scotia while receiving specialized wellness intervention.


Our Core Values:

  1. we work as a respectful team, receiving and showing respect from and to all coworkers and customers without any one person’s needs put ahead of the rest

  2. we offer an education-based approach to health, providing options for comfort

  3. we empower ourselves and others to take an active role in their health decisions

  4. we are growth-oriented - personally to be and do better and as a team, for the good of the company


If this aligns with your personality and your beliefs, then read on about the specific job requirements:



  1. Receptionist duties including but not limited to:

    • Answering the phone and greeting clientele as they come in the Clinic.

    • Booking appointments using scripts.

    • Invoicing clientele.

    • Assisting the Podiatrist with patient files.

    • organization of admin area and systems

  2. Shoe store duties including but not limited to:

    • Educating customers on their options.

    • Completing footwear sales.

    • Keeping the retail area clean, tidy and organized.

    • sales training ongoing

  3. Online presence duties including but not limited to:

    • Assisting with Social Media applications mainly Facebook.

    • Assisting with the development and proofing of marketing materials such as our monthly Clinic Newsletter and ongoing brochures.

  4. Inventory management including but not limited to:

    • Receiving shipments from Vendors.

    • Periodic manual inventories.

  5. Vacation coverage as needed which may require working more hours.

  6. Develop plans to utilize our current software more effectively, maximizing their capabilities.

  7. Other duties as required to meet a business need.          


For the ideal candidate:

1. We provide all training; no sales experience is necessary

2. Preference will be given to applicants with a keen understanding of social media


3. Impeccable attention to detail with the ability to write persuasively and error free

4. Adaptability and motivation; the desire and commitment to continuous learning

and seek opportunities for personal and professional growth

5. Will be a self starter, moving on ideas before being asked.


If you meet the above criteria, and would like to join our team, please submit the

following :


1. Your resume with cover letter along with 3 references

2. Please complete the Disc Personality Profile found at this link and hitting the TAKE

ASSESSMENT button. Please e-mail the results to richard@healthwalks.ca. 


3. A compelling vision following these guidelines:

This is a creative writing exercise. The goal of this exercise is to have you provide some evidence

regarding your writing skills but this also gives us a sense of who you are and how well you would fit as

part of our team.

Please feel free to be as creative as you feel comfortable. This is not meant to be a test.

To Include (mandatory list):

• 1⁄2 to 3⁄4 page written or Up to 1⁄2 page typed

Your ideal hours to work

Your ideal daily routine

• Your ideal environment in which to work including co workers, physical space etc

• Your pay by hour or by yearly salary

What kind of customers you would like to see

What your training period would be like versus when you are independently on your own

• Your aspirations regarding continuing education and how you see this fitting into the job

• How this job fits into the bigger picture of your career goals and your spare time aspirations


• Feel free to be creative, funny, witty

• Exaggerate – have fun with it! Nothing can happen unless we first dream it! • Cover as many topics as

you choose outside of the mandatory list

Think about it as the “IDEAL SITUATION” = Your dream jobPlease provide your preferred clinic location in

your subject line.


To summarize, please send to richard@healthwalks.ca in 2 e-mails:

1. resume, cover letter and compelling vision exercise

2. DISC Personality Profile results


Team Lead, full time
covering New Glasgow & Truro locations