Career Opportunity 

We Want You: Registered Massage Therapist / RMT


HealthWalks Podiatry Clinic and Shoe store is looking for a dynamic client focused RMT - Registered Massage Therapist to join our team in Truro and New Glasgow.


If you can confidently check the following boxes, you may be the ideal fit: 

  • Working with other health professionals is important to me 

  • Working within a boutique type clinic that is continually evolving to improve is important to me

  • I want to embrace self-improvement opportunities

  • I am confident in having potentially challenging conversations with patients

  • I want to work with patients who are willing to invest in their health

  • I take pride in my attention to detail

  • I prefer to develop roots and long term commitments when I am satisfied in my working environment 

During all forms of communication with the incumbent, we look at how this person embodies our company's core beliefs. 


HealthWalks Inc. Core Beliefs:

  1. the business meets the needs of my personal and professional life

  2. to work as a respectful team (we receive and show respect from all, coworkers and customers without any one person’s needs put ahead of the rest)

  3. to offer an education based approach offering options for comfort, empowering each client to take an active role in their health decisions

  4. we are growth oriented - personally, for the team and for the good of the company

  5. to provide services that allow rural Nova Scotians to stay in their own community for health care

  6. to offer quality product and service to all within a quality environment with a fun atmosphere

  7. we believe in doing serious things in fun ways 



Our clientele come from all walks of life as does Team HealthWalks. We hire great people. Period. There is no specific look to great, no specific background nor health choice that makes you great. We believe inclusion makes our company diverse and that means we serve our clientele better as we can better relate to everyone. If you share our values and our enthusiasm for being great, you just may find yourself part of Team HealthWalks! 


You are a registered massage therapist. You have malpractice insurance as well as registered with a professional college regulatory body or association.

If you see yourself as a good fit with us, please send an e-mail to to set up a time to discuss what benefits structure best suits your needs. We are open to cost share, employee status and more.


E-mail with your resume INCLUDING REFERENCES. Also include the reason you would like to work specifically with us and any questions you may have.