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452 East River Rd,

New Glasgow, NS B2H 3R2

(902) 755-9675


533 Prince Street

Truro, NS B2N 1E8


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Do you have foot, heel, ankle or even knee or hip pain? A pedorthic assessment can be conducted by our certified pedorthist, Karey Fleming to examine how your feet function and how they may be affecting your legs and back. From this assessment you are given individual recommendations to address your heel, ankle or foot pain.


Why get a pedorthic assessment?

We believe in getting to the root of your problem. Fix your problem and the pain goes away. We’re not about masking your pain or temporary relief. As a pedorthist, we look at the bigger picture: where you work, what activities you do and the footwear you wear, your range of motion, your strength and your gait. If we see other issues, we’ll address those as well such as a leg length difference and varicose veins.


What happens during a pedorthic assessment?

When was the last time a health care professional spent up to 45 minutes with you? We do and we include both a biomechanical assessment (how your foot moves and works) and a gait analysis (how you walk). We then match that with your other health issues and your symptoms to come up with options specifically for you. Your feet will be examined first while you are sitting, then standing, then walking. If orthotics are recommended, an impression will be taken of your feet on that day.


Will I have to get orthotics?

Not always. Sometimes an assessment will show other ways to care for your feet or correct your gait. The assessment will give you information to make healthy decisions moving forward.


Located in New Glasgow and Truro, we’re the only podiatry and pedorthic clinic in Northern Nova Scotia. 

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What is the cost?

A pedorthic assessment costs $95.00, due on the day of the appointment.

Some private insurance plans may cover pedorthic assessments; check with your insurance provider to be sure. HealthWalks does not directly bill insurance companies but can provide you with the paperwork to get reimbursed.


What’s the difference between a Pedorthist and a Podiatrist?

A podiatrist is a licensed practitioner who can diagnose and treat foot issues. They specialize in skin and nail care and with specialized training, biomechanics which is the relationship between bone and muscles affecting the way you walk. A podiatrist can provide your custom made and off the shelf foot orthotics, assess and treat warts, ingrown nails, reconstruct nails, diabetic assessment and foot treatment including wounds as well as provide recommendations for toe deformities.


A pedorthist is a certified therapist who specializes in assessing, making and fitting foot orthotics and footwear. A pedorthist can not diagnose or write a prescription for your insurance for your orthotics. These two healthcare professionals work best together as a team to help alleviate your pain and discomfort.


For more information about the pedorthic profession, please refer to our Association’s website: www.pedorthic.ca

Emails are answered within 48 hours. Facebook messages responded to as soon as possible. To speak to an associate, please call during business hours.


Karey Fleming

President, Pedorthist and retired Occupational Therapist.


With over 20 years of experience as a therapist, practicing in both physical medicine and psychiatry, Karey brings a unique viewpoint regarding your health. This perspective is how she has created the boutique clinic and shoe store that has become a success in New Glasgow and Truro. She has a passion for learning and engaging in intimate conversations with the goal of self-evolution.


As an occupational therapist, Karey used to specialize in pediatric fine motor skills, office ergonomics and coaching/counseling. As a Pedorthist, Karey now focuses on foot orthotics and specialty footwear, compression stockings and bracing. Karey is also a DoTerra Wellness Advocate encorporating essential oils when beneficial to enhance treatment.