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Why Should I see a Podiatrist for Orthotics?

Updated: May 29

There are various health professionals you can choose to be assessed by in order to see if you would benefit from custom foot orthotics......podiatirst, chiropodist, pedorthist, chiropractor, physiotherapist, occupational therapist and others. So how do you decide who is best for you to see?

We believe that the best foot assessment and best orthotics are made by those who specialize in ONLY feet. If you had a heart problem, wouldn't you want to see a cardiologist? So for that reason, we feel a podiatrist and pedorthist are the best choices when you have foot pain and want to be assessed. Here are some other things to consider:

  1. Insurance coverage: most insurance companies will reimburse you more when seeing a podiatrist as they cover the consult and assessment separate from orthotics

  2. If you have other things going on with your feet and legs such as skin and nail issues, a podiatrist can diagnose and provide a treatment plan. Our podiatrist has picked up on skin cancers and other conditions when assessing foot pain.

  3. A podiatrist specializes in diabetes and all of the complications that can arise from that condition

  4. When a clinic has a podiatrist and a pedorthist, that is the best option. When these 2 specialists work together, the client gets the benefit of 2 bodies of knowledge. At HealthWalks, the pedorthist has over 20 years experience providing orthotics. To have them made for your, your podiatrist will give your a prescription referral for your insurance and recommend booking in with the pedorthist.

  5. A clinic that has footwear on site is also for your benefit because it means your foot specialists have exposure to how the orthotics interfaces with footwear. It also means that you can have all services under one roof which is always a time saver for you versus running around trying to find shoes that fit the orthotics

  6. Always make sure that your professional has custom and off the shelf options. Not everyone needs a custom orthotic so having various off the shelf options is important.

We hope this helps you decide where to go to have your foot pain addressed. Team HealthWalks has worked hard over the last 2 decades to provide the best options and treatment plans that are not only effective but efficient for you. We hope you choose us but even if you don't this list will help know where best to go. You can call either of our clinics to book in to see our podiatrist or book online here:

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