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Your Hands Need Love Too!

Updated: Jan 14

Foot reflexology tends to get all the hype but hand reflexology has just as many benefits

for over all health and wellbeing. In fact, reflexology is an ancient practice that works to

stimulate the body’s natural healing processes through both the hands and the feet. It’s a

gentle and nurturing therapy that works in unison with the body to help protect your body’s natural rhythm and correct physical and physiological imbalances.

By targeting specific pressure points on the hands, the nervous system becomes stimulated which relieves stress, promotes deep relaxation and strengthens the connection between mind and body.

However, the benefits of reflexology go far beyond relaxation. Similar to the techniques

we apply to the foot, hand reflexology applies pressure to specific reflex points that

correspond to various parts of the body.

The resulting health benefits are extensive and

can include (though not limited to) the following:

-Reduce constipation

 -Ease shoulder pain

 -Relief of arthritic hands and wrists

 -Alleviate headaches

 -Relief from back pain

 -Reduce allergy symptoms

 -Open and relieve of sinuses

and more!

Hand reflexology is beneficial for all—from anyone who works with their hands to all

ages including children and the elderly. It is also ideal for those who want relief from

arthritic, stiff or inflamed joints in the hands and wrists.

Even if you are not keen on having your feet touched, you can still benefit from the

incredible health advantages from the practice of reflexology on the hands.

Book your appointment today for either foot or hand reflexology by calling HealthWalks

Truro 902-893-9675 and foot reflexology in New Glasgow 902-755-9675.

Written by:

Laurena Yurkowski, reflexologist, Truro