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Your Foot Care Specialist Appointment, Nursing or Podiatry

If you have chosen to fill out the INTAKE FORM to take with you to your appointment, please open the PDF on this page and print it out.


Note each appointment cost and remember to call your insurance prior to your appointment, as we do not direct bill and MSI does not cover our services. If you do not choose a treatment plan at your consult and require a second appointment to decide on your chosen treatment plan, you will be responsible for another office visit

Treatment Options That May be Recommended for You During Your Visit & Cost

1. Options for improved footwear:

$165 - $275 plus tax depending on brand and style

2. Podiatry foot care or Nursing foot care (callous/corn removal, nail care and/or diabetic foot care, wart care):

$98 or $85

3. Off-the-shelf orthotics:

$55 - $95


4. Custom made orthotics consultation with our pedorthist:



5. Foot Mobilization Therapy (FMT) and Tool Assisted Massage (TAM):

$55 per visit

6. Home program of stretching and strengthening exercises:

No cost


7. Compression or support socks:

$38– $110 knee high socks


8. Nail removal - partial or full 

$450 single and $675 double

9. TOE TX Nail Fungus treatment

10 treatments $950

10. Knee Brace 

$250 - $2750

10. Referral to other health professionals for further intervention or diagnostic tests:

No cost

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