Say Goodbye to Fungal Nails

Proven, painless, Health Canada approved, and safe treatment option available at HealthWalks Podiatry Clinic, Truro location...the only clinic with this technology in Nova Scotia.

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How Does Toe FX Work?

This safe, non-toxic and simple treatment can be administered in 30 minutes. It takes 6-10 treatments spaced out every 2 weeks to clear up the fungus.

The ClearToe Therapy light is designed to clear up the yellow, crumbling appearance of toenail fungus (onychomycosis). Start with a consult to see if in fact you have fungal nails.

This treatment is invoiced as podiatry treatment and therefore covered by most insurance companies. Check yours to confirm.



Do I Have Toenail Fungus?

Toenail fungus is actually a fungal infection that forms under the toenails.

While most of us see this condition in the form of white or yellowish-white spots, it can also spread under the nail and cause a thick yellowish-brown color to develop on one or multiple nails. As with most fungal infections, toenail fungus may present with pain on the affected area. This pain can be mild but it can become intense causing the patient to have difficulty walking and/or standing on their feet.

Toenail fungus can also cause nail changes in the fingers, toes or feet. Though toenail fungus is not a life-threatening condition, it can be very frustrating and embarrassing because of the way that it looks. It can also spread to other nails. We can help.

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How Much Does It Cost?

The research shows that nail fungus needs 6-10 treatments spaced 2 weeks apart.
An initial consult costing $95 with the podiatrist will determine if you have fungus and how severe it is.

If you opt to have fungal treatment, the podiatrist will thin the fungal nail(s) and give you the first treatment the same day if scheduling allows this extra time.  Mild to moderate cases require 6 treatments which costs $500. Severe cases require 10 treatments at a cost of $835.

There is no tax on podiatry treatments. Currently we are offering treatments only on Tuesday afternoons in our Truro location. 
This treatment is invoiced as podiatry treatment and therefore covered by most insurance companies. Check yours to confirm.


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