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Nordic Poles & Walking Classes


Why Nordic Pole Walking?

Nordic Walking is a highly effective low-impact fitness activity that offers incredible benefits for wellness and weight control. A popular form of exercise, it is easy and fun to learn and leads to improved cardiovascular conditioning and skeletal muscle strength. It also offers a multitude of health benefits.

Numerous clinical studies show the vast benefits of pole walking. Pole walking has been shown to improve fitness levels, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and increase metabolism. It also helps prevent bone loss in ageing individuals and improves stability in the joints. Pole walking has been studied by the University of Cologne in Germany and is frequently prescribed by physiotherapists as therapy after joint injuries or surgeries.

Did you know? Biomechanical studies show the poles take off load from your knee and hip joints. You have up to 30 per cent less impact on knee joints and hips when you walk with poles.

All About Nordic Poles: How To Choose The Best Ones for You

Nordic Walking is a holistic, natural way of walking-in-place in which body movements imitates backcountry Nordic mountain hiking.

It makes use of specially designed walking sticks (or poles), which come in various sizes based on participants’ height. Hiking poles, trekking or walking sticks just don’t achieve the same results. At HealthWalks we carry Nordixx walking poles. There are three different styles and start at $69.95 plus tax. You can learn more by booking an appointment and watching the video below. We also offer fittings in combination with our classes.

Nordixx Global Walker Poles.png
Nordixx Stabilizer Poles.png
Nordix Global Traveler Poles

Classes & The Importance of Learning the Skill Correctly

It is very important to learn nordic pole walking through a class. This will ensure you are doing it correctly. In fact, there are a variety of injuries that you can incur doing Nordic Walking. These include injured ankles, knees or other joints, and even general muscle soreness. The best way to keep your body in tip-top shape is to take the time to go through classes. 

Interested in hosting your own Nordic Pole Walking Group?

We're here to support you. If you're interested in creating your own walking group, reach out! We'd love to help.

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