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Custom Orthotics in New Glasgow and Truro

We are the Solution to your Foot Problems!

Do you have foot or ankle pain? Foot orthotics, insoles and inserts can be an easy answer!


Often overlooked, supporting your feet not only make your feet and ankles comfortable but can affect your knees, hips and back! 30% of our clients report an improvement in their back pain after wearing orthotics for only 3 months.


We carry both therapeutic off the shelf orthotics and make custom foot orthotics. Come into our New Glasgow or Truro, Nova Scotia clinics and see why doctors refer to us and why word of mouth is our most successful form of advertising.


We have been serving clients for over 23 years from as far away as Port Hawkesbury, Cape Breton, Amherst, Antigonish, Elmsdale, Enfield, Pictou and elsewhere.


What are Foot Orthotics?

Orthotics are a special footbed that replaces the current insole in your shoe.


They can be moved from shoe to shoe as long as there is a removable insole to take out to create room. Orthotics correct your alignment and give you optimal weight distribution.


There are two types of orthotics: custom and off the shelf. Custom foot orthotics, inserts and insoles are made from an impression of your feet taken with a 3D laser scanner or a foam mold during your assessment. These orthotics are ready in 2 to 3 weeks after the order is placed.


Off the shelf orthotics are based on your symptoms and shoe size and can be purchased in our shoe store any time. We serve clients from all over north and Central Nova Scotia and Cape Breton, so please call to book your individual assessment or come in any time to try on our off the shelf insoles. 


Not all therapists are created equal

We’d love you to come to us but more than anything we just want you to get comfortable. Your therapist needs to specialize, not just dabble in feet! The Canadian gold standard for assessing and making orthotics is to be a Canadian Certified Pedorthist. In fact, most insurance companies require this in order to cover you. That’s why insurance companies cover our work.


Why Choose HealthWalks?

1. Instant Relief: Our pedorthist also has specialized training in foot mobilizations and that means you have a chance at walking out immediately after you see her pain-free! 

2. We Know Shoes Too: As healthcare professionals specializing in feet, we also specialize in footwear. That’s important once you wear orthotics because not all footwear will fit an orthotic. We go to the end of the earth to bring you footwear that fit orthotics and look good, all approved by our owner and pedorthist, Karey. That’s why people from all over Nova Scotia shop our shoe store.


The Cost

Custom orthotic inserts and insoles typically cost $365-$450 per pair, and are made to fit into most footwear with a removable bed. There is also a dress orthotic option for more streamlined shoes. On average, custom orthotics last for two years, but that can vary with weight, hours worn and wear and tear.

Insurance Coverage

Most private insurance plans cover orthotics. MSI does not. Be sure to clarify with your provider what your coverage is before seeing our therapists. HealthWalks does not direct bill insurance companies but can provide you with the necessary forms required for your insurance company to reimburse you.


Do you need us? Appointments are typically booked within two weeks of the request. We serve clients from all over Northern Nova Scotia, including New Glasgow, Antigonish, Truro, Pictou, Elmsdale, Amherst and as far away as Port Hawkesbury and other parts of Cape Breton. We'd love to help you Walk in … Dance out!

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