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Foot Care Nursing

Our Foot Care Nurse is an RN with an Advanced and Diabetic Foot Care certificate. Nurses use safe work practices for preventative health care. Foot Care nurses can assist clients with:

-corns and callus,

-heel fissures,

-thickened nails,

-ingrown, involuted or painful nails


-fungal nails


Medical based foot care is beneficial to high risk persons with diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, impaired circulation, impaired vision or physical limitations.

Our Foot Care RN is available in both our Truro and New Glasgow clinic and uses the gold standard of autoclaving for all foot care utensils to sterilize.


We treat clients from as far away as Amherst, Pictou, Elmsdale, Enfield, Antigonish and Cape Breton. Please contact us to arrange an appointment with our foot care nurse.



What Happens During an Appointment?

  • A review of a client’s health history, allergies and discussion of clients foot concerns

  • During each visit an overall foot assessment is completed that identifies any areas of concern such as circulation, sensation, skin changes, nail appearance, mobility status, and footwear choices.

  • Diabetic clients receive a diabetic foot screen assessment during initial visits and every 6-12 months. This screening reviews key areas in maintaining foot health. A diabetic testing tool with a nylon filament is used to identify the client’s level of foot sensation. Diabetic foot care education is provided and focuses on an individual's care needs.

  • Based on the nursing assessment, a plan of care will be determined. The nurse will provide treatment or refer to another Health Professional for further assessment or treatment.

  • Nursing foot care is “non-invasive”, which means the nurse does not provide treatment below the 2nd layer of skin. Extreme care is used when performing foot care. Foot care includes preventative measures and may include interventions such as nail care, skincare, callous care and corn management. Benefits include; maintaining skin integrity, promoting comfort, maintaining mobility, and preventing foot problems.

  • Education is provided to improve or maintain foot health.

  • Most private insurances assist with nursing foot care expenses. Make sure to check the requirements of your insurance plan in order to be reimbursed.


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