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Are Foot Orthotics Expensive?

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

Well, that depends on your perspective. For the thousands of people we've helped and keep coming back to us, they say they can't live without their orthotics, that their comfort is priceless. So you be the judge.....

A foot assessment with us costs $95 and included a thorough medical history as well as range of motion testing and a gait analysis by our podiatrist. You might only need an off the shelf orthotic which costs up to $75. Imagine getting comfortable with something that simple? It happens regularly. If you need more correction, custom orthotics may be recommended. The podiatrist can write a prescription for your insurance and will scan your feet with a 3D laser scanner and send a requisition with all of the necessary adjustments and modifications for the lab to make your custom orthotics.

Custom orthotics cost between $325-375 per pair. This includes your warranty which may be any modifications or office visits within 1 year. For those that have private insurance coverage, the co-pay is much less or might even be 100% covered. Read more about this below.....

Insurance Coverage

If you have private insurance coverage, call your insurance company. You should have a 1-800 number on your insurance card. They will not speak to us about your plan as it is confidential.

They will tell you what their requirements are. Often they need a prescription from your family doctor or our podiatrist that includes a diagnosis. You may have to get a new prescription each time you replace your orthotics.

Call 902-755-9675 now to book your appointment.

Get some options to make you comfortable. It’s that easy!

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