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You Could Be Pain Free.

Finally, find the WHY behind your pain with online foot care specialty consults.

How Online Helps

How will an online consult help me?

Our Pedorthist Karey Fleming has helped thousands of patients with their foot pain. Hear from her about the benefits of online consults.

Or call to book:
New Glasgow: 902-755-9675

Truro: 902-893-9675


Why online and not in person?




There are things you can do immediately that may help you avoid seeing a foot care specialist in person

Avoid waiting rooms and get the information you need from the comfort of your home.

Be better prepared for an in-person consult; you’ll know what questions to ask and you’ll be better able to understand what you are told during the in-person consultation.

Why Vist

Or call to book:
New Glasgow: 902-755-9675

Truro: 902-893-9675

Common Reasons for Booking with HealthWalks

"I have diabetes and need help managing my foot issues."

"I have back/knee pain. Will orthotics help?"

"I'm not sure if my orthotics need to be replaced."

"I have calluses that keep coming back."

"I have foot/ankle pain and need advice."

"I have skin and toenail issues on my feet."

Sounding Like You or Someone You Know?

We can help.

Over 20 years of Helping You Walk In and Dance Out!

We've been helping relieve foot pain, heel pain, lower leg pain and more for over 20 years. We understand that pain can range from irritating to absolutely debilitating. The good news? We can make it go away!

HealthWalks Inc. offers podiatry assessment and treatment, custom foot orthotics and the most comfortable shoes available anywhere to help you get back to the activities you love.

Local to NS?
Visit us in New Glasgow or Truro. HealthWalks is the only full-service foot care clinic of its kind in northern Nova Scotia.

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hw (1).png

New Glasgow: 902-755-9675

Truro: 902-893-9675

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