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Case Study....goodbye long term foot pain

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

Today we saw a client who has been everywhere for her painful feet and ankles with no success. She has suffered since she had a major health condition in her youth. Our podiatrist mobilized both foot and ankle joints and as seen in the picture, did Tool Assisted Massage (TAM) to the muscles of the lower legs. When the client stood, she said, "This is the first time anyone has truly listened to my complaints and successfully looked after my pain." She was impressed with how quickly this treatment took hold as soon as she stood. Not everyone responds this quickly but we hear a similar statement regularly.

How long does this treatment last? If you are wearing supportive footwear and do your exercises the podiatrist gives you, it will last longer. Sometimes you need custom orthotics so that the joints receive the support they need to maintain your comfort. Every body is unique but some people need 1 treatment and others need 4-6 treatments. Book your consultation with the podiatrist to see what you need 902-755-9675.

Do something today your body will thank you for later!

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