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Recover faster with less pain!

In this video, you'll see how nurse Keri got back to work faster after a sprained ankle. If you are experiencing foot pain, the entire leg has to be investigated. Referred pain is common from muscles in the lower leg, referring pain into the foot where that muscle's tendons attach. Podiatrist, Bruce treats the entire leg and foot to help Keri recover faster with less pain. She limped in the first day not being able to take much weight on her foot. After one session, she was able to walk more

We do not support treating just symptoms as that is only temporary relief like taking pain medication. Being followed by your podiatrist is a drug free way of keeping pain free and active.

Here is what Bruce did for Keri:

FMT - foot mobilization therapy. The joints are mobilized in a very gentle way to regain alignment for both the joint and the tendons

TAM - tool assisted massage. The muscle belly is followed up the leg using a gentle pressure and trigger points are worked out to allow the muscle to fully relax and function optimally.

Here are links to the two aids Keri used to keep her being able to use her hands and continue working. We say NO to crutches!

Iwalk - we rent and sell these at HealthWalks

Knee scooter - available at local pharmacy home health stores

Call to book in to see our podiatrist today!

902-755-9675 New Glasgow

and 902-893-9675 Truro.

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