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Foot Skin and Nail Care Appointments: What to expect when attending your first appointment.

Our feet do so much for us and are very important. They support our bodies as we walk, run, dance, shop and get around. Most of us take our feet for granted and we only ever pay attention to our feet when they complain, hurt or cause us pain. If we are good to our feet, our feet are good to us. So why not come see a Foot Care Nurse to try and alleviate your discomfort and pamper yourselves at the same.

Your First Foot Care Appointment:

With your first Foot Skin and Nail Care appointment, you will be required to complete an Intake form. This allows our Foot Care Nurse to get to know you a little better. The Intake Form includes your name, contact information, and most importantly, your Health History. This information is kept strictly confidential and can only be shared with a third party with a signed document from yourself (for example, your health insurance provider such as Blue Cross or Manulife may request a copy of your treatment plan).

It is also a good idea to bring the shoes you wear every day for your foot care appointment. From the condition of your shoes this can help the Foot Care Nurse identify any possible issues that your shoes could be causing too!

Once your forms are completed, clients are then escorted to the clinic room for their care by the Foot Care Nurse. Once your socks and shoes are off and you have been situated comfortably in the clinic chair, the Foot Care Nurse will review your intake form and discuss your health history with you, get to know you and what you do to care for your feet. Then, together with the Foot Care Nurse a plan of treatment will be decided. Whether you require foot skin and nail care because you can no long reach your feet, see your feet, or your feet and nails have changed over the years and you’re just not sure any more, our Foot Care Nurse will assess and care for your feet to make you more comfortable and content in your shoes.

Foot Care typically incorporates nail trimming, nail filing and the reduction of painful callus or corns. It is important to know that your Foot Care Nurse provides safe, conservative care to you and your feet. Following your skin and nail care, the Foot Care Nurse will apply moisturizer with a little gentle massage, and help you put your socks and shoes back on. At this time it’s very important to let your Foot Care Nurse know how your newly cared for feet feel in your shoes and socks. The Foot Care Nurse will then discuss how often they think you should receive foot skin and nail care and when to rebook your next appointment if you wish.

Following your appointment, our reception and comfort care staff will put through any insurance information that is required, if you are direct billing, our staff at the front desk will take any payments at this time.

Interested in having your feet and nails cared for or getting some much needed treatment for those toes? Consider booking an appointment with our Foot Care Nurse in Truro or New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. You can book with us online!

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