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Hugs are Good!

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

Bruce regularly gets hugs when he takes away a pain that the client has had for years. And he does it in a 20 minute appointment. Here's one case study we had that ended in a hug.

A mother took her teen age daughter in with pain on the bottom of the right foot. She had it for years and had been diagnosed with a plantar's wart. Throughout the years she had various treatments with acid and liquid nitrogen freezing. Nothing was working. The pain continued and it eventually was affecting her quality of life. Desparate, mom decided to see our podiatrist, Bruce in a final effort to solve her daughter's problem.

Specialized in foot diagnosis, Bruce saw this was in fact, not a wart but a simple corn. He removed the painful corn with a scapel and the result.....pain free walking and of course, a hug for Bruce! A correct diagnosis is the first step in treating your foot pain.

Book your podiatry appointment today so you can Walk In.....Dance Out!

Now with locations in New Glasgow 902-755-9675 and Truro 902-893-5570.

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