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The foot bone's connected to the leg bone... Podiatry and Hip Pain.

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

There can be many reasons why you suffer from chronic hip pain. We recently had an active 50 year old female come to her first podiatry visit with pain on the outside of the right foot. Our podiatrist noted a high arch type foot which provides poor shock absorption. It is common with this foot type to have knee, hip and back pain.

During the first visit, our podiatrist mobilized her foot joints (FMT). This is a specialized treatment similar to opening a jammed wooden sash window. You can't force it. It has to be gently moved and jiggled. This will get it back into the tracks in order to open again. The foot acts in a similar way due to the large number of small bones and joints.

During the second visit in a week's time, this lady's foot pain had reduced and to her surprise, her chronic hip pain, which she did not tell us about had disappeared. She was excited that she could now get in and out of her car pain free. She then told us she had tried numerous other therapies for her hip pain with no success and thought she would have to live with it.

This shows how the foot and ankle joint are the foundation of your body, just like the concrete is the foundation of your house. Realigning the foot and ankle joints can affect the knee, hip and back.

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