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The Ultimate Question: When is the Right Time to Replace Your Sneakers?

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Good quality sneakers give you the best combination of both support and shock absorption. If you are on your feet daily at work, a sneaker is always your best option for the comfort of your feet, knees, hips and back. If you are wearing anything else, you are not getting the same level of both support and shock absorption a sneaker offers.

How long do sneakers offer that support and shock absorption?

There is no quick answer to this as it depends on your weight and how often you wear your sneakers.

To find your answer to The Ultimate Question: When is the Right Time to Replace Your Sneakers? Take our Survey below:


Answer the following questions by circling your points as you go along. Add your total and check how your sneakers rate on the Total Score chart at the bottom of this survey.

Question Your Answer Point Value

1. How old are your sneakers? 6 months 4 points

1 year 3 points

1.5 - 2 years 2 points

over 2 years 0 points

2. How often do you wear your sneakers? Once a week 4 points

Few times a week 3 points

Daily 1 point

3. What is the main activity for which you use your sneakers? Fashion 4 points

Walking 2 points

Running 1 point

4. What quality were your sneaker when they were new? High 4 points

Medium 2 points

Low 0 points

5. How well do your sneakers fit you? Perfect 4 points

Could fit better 1 point

Not well 0 points


Total Score:

Add your points and see how your sneakers rated.

20 points - Great job! Keep on truckin.

15 points - You should consider a new pair of sneakers.

10 points - You NEED a new pair of sneakers.

9 points or under…….Red Alert!! Red Alert!!

If any of the bold answers applied to you….get fitted for a new pair of sneakers right away.

If the uppers of your sneakers are anything but vertical (meaning they skew to the inside or outside….get fitted for a new pair of sneakers ASAP.

Check out some of our selection of sneakers online and come in to get a proper fit without delay! We carry black sneakers for those who require black for work. We have New Balance, Cambrian, Vionic and Aetrex sneakers, all available in various widths.

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