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Who is more savvy? You or marketers?

Karey Fleming C Ped (c), clinic owner and our certified pedorthist tests all footwear to determine if the shoe/boot/sandal has the qualities we look for to meet the needs of the clients we see. She has wide feet, history of plantar fasciitis and bunions so she knows the struggles of our peeps!

This is what she had to say about the On sneakers.......

The sneaker industry is as competitive as it's ever been with more and more people choosing to wear sneakers on a daily basis. And why not? A really good sneaker provides the best shock absorption and control for the foot than any other footwear. As soon as you move away from a sneaker, you loose one or the other or a bit of both. But are all sneakers created the same?

The short answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT! Essentially it's buyer beware. Sneaker companies are always trying some new pitch and design to tell you they are the best for running or for certain conditions like plantar fasciitis. It's all marketing.....and I would go so far as to say some of the claims are lies such as this one:

When it comes to the ON brand sneakers as pictured above, Karey tested them and didn't make it past 4 hours. It was very apparent that the base, (which is an EVA based material) was not providing the stability for her. With the cut outs in the sole, it allowed too much compression. Not only would they allow too much rolling of the ankle when heel striking, for heavier people and once the sneaker wore down over time, it could promote ankle sprains. There are some sneakers in the ON line up that are built with heavier duty EVA but buyers don't know to look for that. As foot specialists, we tell our clients to only buy sneakers with a solid cut outs, no air or gel pockets.

So here is our advice. Use common sense and don't take any marketing as gospel. Learn how to evaluate sneakers before you buy them and don't buy online unless you've had the EXACT same style and size before. Always get a professional fitting for all your shoes and sandals.

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