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Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Never Wear Blundstone Boots!

  1. If you love tying laces, never buy Blundstones. I mean, they are so easy to pull on and kick off, it would be a nightmare for you!

  2. If you hate when footwear molds to the shape of your foot, you’d hate Blundstone boots. Instead, look for boots with lots of seams that don’t stretch nor conform to your foot.

  3. If you like having a closet full of footwear, something for each outfit and occasion, don’t even consider Blundstone. I mean, who likes to have one reliable pair that is suitable for every season and most occasions?

  4. If you like a boot to fall apart every year, move on! Blundstones are not for you. They last well over a year, sometimes 5 years!

  5. If you love those heavy CSA work boots, keep walking past Blundstones…..who needs easy on and off boots that are light weight, shock absorbing boots for being on your feet all day!?!?!

  6. If you hate wearing anything that has proven the test of time, don't look twice. I mean, these boots have been proven winners since 1870! Let that sink in...1870! But go ahead and buy those new styles, and MAYBE they will still be around next year...maybe.

YUP, we're being a bit cheeky! Of course you should be wearing Blundstones! Great for orthotics. Great for Dancing.

In keeping with our tag line of helping you Walk In....Dance Out here is a video that shoes just how versatile Blundstones are. Come into our New Glasgow store to be fitted or order your pair here:

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