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Updated: Jan 14

We walk around in a concrete jungle. The foot bones are forced to adapt as hard services are unforgiving. The joints can become mildy misaligned and the tendons and muscles are forced to compensate. This can cause minor to major pain over time.

Custom made orthotics may have been the gold standard years ago. However, we now have more tools in our tool chest. Foot Mobilization Therapy (FMT) combined with custom orthotics work best together for optimal healing and function. Think about it like a Rubik's cube. One movement of the cube affects the entire pattern on the cube. A minor adjustment can realign it all.

Watch Jason, one of our many happy clients talk about his experience with orthotics over the past 15 years from other providers.

Our podiatrist explains the treatment first and then Jason describes his experience of it all......all while having a good laugh!

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